Another loss for McGregor

Ladies and Gents,

We’ve watched within the last week one of the biggest fights out of cage placed on the UFC scene. The fact that Dana White has pulled Conor McGregor off of the main event on July the 9th was stamped in many sport pages among the internet.

Nate Diaz said that he doesn’t care if The Notorious who hasn’t attended to the prom of UFC 200 remains in the event. Dana white on the other hand didn’t say much and left in the air if McGregor would or would not fight on the card.

Two days ago Conor announced through his twitter he was back to the main event, which was sooner denied by president of UFC Dana white.

Sooner today the official twitter page of UFC has announced the new main event of the night of July the 9th Jon Jones will fight against Daniel Cormier and try to reconquer his belt.

And why is Dana not allowing McGregor to still fights on the UFC 200?

I believe the answer is easy. His decisions on how to conduct the proms and conferences was put in check for the first time opened for the spectators, which left him in a hard situation. In one side he has two fighters Nate and Conor who want to fight each other and the fans who were expecting to see this revenge and on the flip side he has his authority and other fighters who might see this as a week point to bargain for their own sakes.

Conor McGregor bought a fight who everyone (read fighters) could have left winning and I think just few saw it on the same way he ended up losing it, and now is out of the main event.

Everybody lost with this, we spectators and the event who lost its biggest star nowadays.

And you do you agree? you disagree? Comment it bellow and let me know.


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